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Learn to dive with the Petro Divers

We provide training in accordance with the guidelines of Scuba Schools International SSI. All of our instructors are highly qualified and attend yearly updates.

We offer the complete range of recreational scuba diving courses from introductory dives to the professional qualification as Divemaster. All courses are held in accordance with the most up-to-date standards.


Try Dives

Do you want to find out how it feels to breath underwater and hover weightless? You want to meet the numerous fishs living in the Mediterranean? Are you up for a new experience? Try out scuba diving with us. 

You will be under close and permanent supervision of a well trained instructor and we will show you the beauty of the sea.


Sports, leisure and recreational divers


This is a program to teach kids from the age of eight onwards the joys of Scubadiving. The kids will learn in a safe and fun environment what Scuba Diving is about and how it feels to be able to breathe underwater. The program is conducted in shallow water under direct supervision of a specially qualified instructor.


Duration: half day


Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver is the perfect course for those who do not have time to complete an entire Open Water Diver Program. The content of this program represents about half of a complete scuba diving certification program (SSI Open Water Diver). You can then complete the second half and become a certified diver at another time, anywhere that is convenient for you.

At the end of the program you will receive your Scuba Diver Certificate indicating the successful completion of this program. This certificate entitles you to take part in dives under the direct supervision of a Dive Professional up to a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet all over the world. When you decide to complete your Open Water Diver certification, the Scuba Diver Program can be fully credited to your training. This way you will not have to redo any part of the program twice. After a short skill update you can complete your Open Water Diver rating.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 days

Open Water Diver

This is the essential course to take, if you plan to become a Diver. The course consists of three parts: Theory and Confined Water Sessions and at least 4 Open Water Dives. Your Instructor will lead you through the program and after successful completion of your open water training dives you will become a Certified Diver. The SSI Open Water Diver certification is recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

Duration: 3,5 – 4 days

Advanced Adventurer Programm

SSI's Advanced Adventurer program was created so you can try out a variety of specialty courses before you commit to completing a full course. It's a great way to experience what advanced training is all about and how valuable it can be to your diving adventures.

During the Advanced Adventurer Program you will have the chance to try out 5 different specialties. You will complete one open water training dive per specialty and if you decide to take a full course in any of the specialties you tried, the dive you took can be applied to your advanced certification.

Duration: 2-3 Days


Advanced Open Water Diver

SSI’s Advanced Open Water Diver Certification will be handed to you after completing four Specialties and 24 dives. We will be happy to help you to pick the Specialties that suit your interests best.

Stress and Rescue Diver

With SSI, diver safety is a top priority. This is also evident from our unparalleled safety statistics. The SSI Diver Stress and Rescue course can mould anyone into a safe diver. You learn to recognize and prevent stress in yourself and in others. How to take the appropriate measures and develop skills to rescue a diver who is in trouble. You are introduced to building a rescue chain and to taking first aid measures, as they have to be carried out in the case of a diving accident.

In addition to the manual, SSI offers a 2-part video, as well as other supporting components, to form a comprehensive Stress & Rescue program. Learn from our professionals to improve your diving safety. The Diver Stress and Rescue course not only raises ones diving knowledge and makes one discover the joy of diving; it also tells you how to prevent diving accidents.

Master Diver

Highest qualification in sport and leisure activity. Prerequisite : min. 50 dives - min. 4 Specialties and Stress & Rescue


Night Diving

For many divers, the question comes naturally: in your area, you only find diving areas with limited visibility. But at night, even in crystal-clear waters, visibility is highly limited. But provided the required knowledge is available, these circumstances are ideal for a very exciting dive.

The study guide with text and questions is only one part of a comprehensive learning program.

Duration 1 day + 2 night dives


Wherever you may dive, in tropical waters or in your local inland lake:

the ability to find your way under water with the help of natural orientation points and a compass, gives you additional security.

The study guide with text and questions is only one part of a comprehensive learning program.

Duration 1 day + 2 Navigation Dives

Dry Suit

Do you feel terribly cold during your dives? A drysuit may solve your problem. It is comfortable, and keeps you warm and dry. With a little practice, you will quickly learn to appreciate and enjoy dives in cold water.The study guide with text and questions is only one part of our comprehensive learning program.

Duration 1 day + 2 dry dives

Boat Diving

Don't you ever dream of exploring reefs far out in the sea, ones that are not accessible to divers from the shore? There are dive bases, charter companies and private parties all over the world that can take you by boat to these places with very clear water and spectacular underwater landscapes.

The study guide with text and questions is only one part of our comprehensive learning program. A second part is an instruction video, which makes everything that you need to know about the choice of boat, what to do on board and the execution of the dive, very easy to understand.

Duration 1 day + 2 boat dives

Deep Diving

For many divers, the underwater world should not end at 30 meters depth. They want to explore further depth ranges. As this involves additional risks and requires further learning, a special training is needed.

The study guide with text and questions is only one part of a comprehensive learning program. A second part is an instruction DVD, which makes everything that you need to know about preparation, planning and execution of deep dives, very easy to understand

Duration 1 day + 3 deep dives


Did you ever dream of more bottom time, to make photographs or explore ship wrecks? Sport divers can make this wish come through by using Enriched Air Nitrox. However, Nitrox diving requires intensive preparation and planning.

he handbook is part of a comprehensive learning program for divers. This learning system utilizes the text, including the test questions at the end of each chapter and the underwater tables, to familiarize you with everything you need to know about Enriched Air Nitrox.

REACT RIGHT is SSI's Emergency Training Program

Learn the "How-To" of First Aid, CPR, AED and Oxygen administration in diving emergencies as well as emergency assessment, so that any emergency situation can be evaluated properly.

Enrolling a REACT RIGHT program will increase your diving safety and comfort significantly. Also SSI and other training agencies require a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate as a prerequisite for the Diver Stress & Rescue certification.

  • Primary Assessment
  • First Aid & CPR Skills
  • Primary Stabilization Techniques
  • Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies
  • Automated External Defibrilation Basics